Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

Seanna Asper

Metrics & Financial Analysis

Your historical financial information does you little good if it isn't helping you determine whether you're on track with your growth plan. We use digital tools that sync directly with your accounting system to provide timely financial analysis that is specific to your company. 

We will work with you to determine exactly what information you need to hit your target goals in your business and set up key metrics that allow us to track your progress in real time.

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Fathom Cashflow

Budgeting & Cash Forecasting

The best way to hit your goals in your business is to make a plan to get there. We will work with you to create a three-way forecast that shows not just what your revenue and expenses will look like, but also your assets, liabilities, and cash balance. 

Through this process we'll be able to set milestones for your growth and know what resources you'll need to get there.

Scenario Analysis

Some of the hardest questions we ask in business start with "what if.." and our team doesn't want you to feel like you're shooting blind when it comes to answering those questions. 

Through scenario analysis we'll be able to put numbers to your "what if" questions. You won't have to guess what will happen to cash flow if you hire that new position or if you purchase a new piece of equipment. We'll give you the data to help you make those strategic decisions.

Fathom Microforecast

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Our team is here to help you cultivate your firm's strategy and prosper, no matter the economic state. 

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