013: 3 Tips to Stop Comparison in Your Business

mindset Feb 04, 2020

 Have you ever found yourself staring at someone else's website and beating yourself up about not being further ahead in your own business? I know I have! In today's episode, I talk through how this is holding back your progress and hurting your potential customers. I also give you three tips for breaking through the comparison trap. So if you're ready to break the cycle of comparison, this episode is for you!

Preview of episode

  • What it might look and feel like to dive deep into...
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003: How to Create Action When You're Feeling Stuck

mindset Nov 26, 2019

Ever been in a season where you just felt stuck, in business or life? Like no matter how much you wanted to do something, you just couldn't make forward momentum?

In this week's episode, I'm sharing tips for getting to the root of that stuck feeling and how you can break free to create action and momentum.


Sneak peak inside the episode:

  • It's time to get honest with yourself... let's figure out why you're really stuck.
  • Dig a little deeper, don't just take your surface level answer....
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