4 Things to Look For When Hiring a Bookkeeper

financial analysis Jun 02, 2020

It's only fair that I follow-up last week's blog post discussion of the importance of good bookkeeping with helping you know what to look for so you can assess your bookkeeping.

First, I have to dive into the present state of bookkeeping a little bit. Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet and various software solutions, everyone thinks that they can (and should) be a bookkeeper/do their own bookkeeping. This leads to a lot of people that don't know anything about accounting doing...

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The First (Most Missed) Step to Prepare for Business Advising

financial analysis May 26, 2020

I know you don't need me to tell you this, but it's been a crazy couple of months... for the whole world. Regardless of whether your business was deemed essential or not during the current pandemic, it's been a wild ride. 

Now that we've had a couple of months to endure the craziness, it seems like everyone is beginning to think about what the rest of 2020 looks like for their business. There's no doubt that even if you made a plan at the beginning of this year, the pandemic has caused...

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016: 5 Ways Understanding Your Financials Leads Profitable Business

financial analysis Feb 25, 2020

Managing your business financials can feel like a tedious task. I get it! It's often one of the things that entrepreneurs manage last in their business. But what if I told you those same financials actually help you make better business decisions and run a more profitable business? They can be your magic eight ball for business decisions if you let them!
In this episode, I'm diving into 5 ways understanding your financials can help you build a more profitable business! 
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