Podcast: How To Use Stock Photography in Your Business with Erica Steeves

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2020

Ever wished you had an image to use in a spot on your website or in a social media post, but didn't have anything that felt right in your gallery? Then tune into this episode! I'm interviewing Erica Steeves, a commercial brand photographer, and we are diving into using stock photography in your business. She gives tips for how to find the right mix of stock photography and personalized photography and so much more!


Erica is a commercial brand photographer in Montreal, Canada. Having gone to school for fashion design then working in the fashion industry as a pattern maker and industrial designer she transitioned into a role as creative director and product stylist at a photography studio. Being on set she found a way to connect what she learned in fashion and designing with planning photoshoots with brands. Today she is going to talk about how to use photography in your business. 

Preview of episode

  • Erica's background photographing for brands such as L'Oreal Paris & Linen Chest.
  • The value of incorporating images in your online business presence.
  • Where to get images to incorporate in your online presence.
  • Where to use stock photos in your business.
  • The right mix of stock and personal photos.

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