017: Upping Your Social Media Game with Sarah Huguet

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2020

Are you ready to up your social media marketing game but wish you had someone to guide you? Well, then this episode is just for you! I'm interviewing Sarah Huguet, a social media marketing strategist and we are talking all about social media. If you're thinking about hiring a social media manager, you also want to listen to this episode! Sarah talks about things to look for when choosing your manager.


Sarah Huguet is a Social Media Strategist, Small Shop Owner and Photographer that loves to help overwhelmed business owners nail their social media presence. The best thing about her business is working closely with clients elevating their accounts with strategic content and meaningful customer interactions. 
She runs her business Social and Stuffs out of her apartment in beautiful Vancouver, BC while raising her little. She officially started her business while on maternity leave just over a year ago, but worked in social media for over six years, building her brand @earringsandstuff, an online jewelry store! If she’s not working on her biz she’s probably sipping coffee and eloping the city with her son and hubs! 

Preview of episode

  •  Whether you should allow Instagram to publish to Facebook.
  • What metrics you should be paying attention to.
  • What to look for in hiring a social media manager. 

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