015 - Enhancing the Client Experience with Casey Crowe Taylor

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020


One of the best lead generation tools for your business is client referrals. Those referrals happen when clients are ecstatic about their experience working with you. But how do you create a process for that to happen? Well, that's exactly what I'm diving into in this episode! I'm interviewing Casey Crowe Taylor, a wedding photographer that was able to book her first $5,000 client in her FIRST year of business.
She was able to do this, in part, because of her care for her client experience. And when you look at her reviews, her clients LOVE her! So if you want to figure out how you can be the first expert your clients think of for referrals, tune in to learn from Casey!


Casey is a mom, wedding photographer and creative entrepreneur. After 7+ years working in PR + Marketing for brands like Victoria's Secret, Birchbox and Estée Lauder she took her six-month-old wedding photography business full-time and never looked back. Casey has been making her own rules since 1987 and loves helping aspiring entrepreneurs push past their limiting beliefs and put their dreams into action. Casey's can-do attitude will inspire you to look at every challenge as an opportunity to grow yourself and your business. She lives in Virginia with her Australian husband, daughter Margaux and two rescue pups. When she's not working, she's probably drinking wine, at a spa or on a spontaneous trip somewhere.

Preview of episode

  • Casey's background in PR & marketing and how she became a wedding photographer.
  • How Casey booked her first $5,000 wedding in her first year of business.
  • Casey's recommendation about doing free work - she has a great method for this!
  • Casey's system for ensuring client's have a great experience.
  • And so many more great tips!


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